Working draft of an open letter to Christopher Luxon, leader of the NZ National Party and future Prime Minister of New Zealand.

Open letter to Christopher Luxon

Dear Mr. Luxon,


We hope this letter finds you well as you prepare to assume the esteemed position of Prime Minister of New Zealand. We, the undersigned animal rights organisations, are writing to you with a heartfelt plea to consider the welfare of animals in our country and to implore the National government not to overturn the hard-fought for ban on live export by sea.

This ban was a significant step forward for animal welfare in New Zealand. It demonstrated our nation’s commitment to treating animals with compassion, respect, and dignity. The live export industry has been associated with numerous instances of cruelty, suffering, and inhumane treatment of animals during long and arduous journeys. By enacting this ban, the previous government took a bold stance in safeguarding the welfare of animals and upholding the values of our society.

We understand that the economy and trade are crucial aspects of our nation’s prosperity, but it is equally vital to balance economic interests with ethical and moral principles. The welfare of animals should not be sacrificed in the pursuit of economic gain. We firmly believe that New Zealand can continue to thrive economically while adhering to high animal welfare standards.

The ban on live export by sea was a proud moment for New Zealand, a chance for us to set an example as a leader in animal welfare, as well as in trade and commerce. A decision to overturn the ban now would not only tarnish our reputation but also undermine the progress made in animal welfare.

We respectfully urge you to consider the following:

  • The inherent cruelty and suffering experienced by animals during long sea journeys for live export.
  • The overwhelming support for the ban from the public and various animal welfare organisations.
  • The opportunity for New Zealand to lead the way in ethical and humane treatment of animals, setting a global example.

We understand the complexities of the decisions you will make as Prime Minister, but we believe that it is possible to find alternative ways to support our agricultural and trade sectors without compromising our commitment to the well-being of animals.

Mr. Luxon, we implore you to uphold the ban on live export by sea and further strengthen our nation’s dedication to compassionate and ethical treatment of animals. By doing so, you can ensure that New Zealand remains an example of integrity, empathy, and leadership in animal welfare for the world to follow.

We would be grateful for an opportunity to discuss this matter with you further and provide any assistance or information you may require. 

Thank you for your time and consideration.



End Live Export NZ

Animal Save New Zealand